Media Appearances

December 2016 - Contemporary youth and politics

Featured on "Sense of Place with Minelle Mahtani", Stuart Poyntz and Tara Mahoney, Director of the Creative Publics Lab, address a project hosted in SFU's School of Communication that aims to showcase youth activists and young people's political engagement across a range of issues (affordable housing, student debt, climate change and pipeline activism, etc.).

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September 2016 - The 180 from CBC Radio: Beware the Clowns: A Lesson in Moral Panic

Featured on "The 180 with Jim Brown", Stuart Poyntz commented on media's contribution to moral panic in South Carolina's strange news story about sinister clowns.

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June 2011 - Connect with Mark Kelly from CBC News: Public Shaming

Featured on the CBC Connect with Mark Kelly Show on June 20th, Stuart Poyntz commented on the role of social media in relation to the public shaming that occurred after the Vancouver hockey riot.

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November 2010 - Media Democracy Day

As a participant and key player of Media Democracy Day held on November 6th, 2010 in Vancouver, Stuart Poyntz was asked to comment on the importance of creating a participatory, democratic media system that works in the interest of people.

October 2010 - The Province Editorial: Take Back Facebook

In a story about a Langley mom mounting a campaign to “take back Facebook” from cyberbullies, The Province quoted SFU Communication professor Stuart Poyntz: "There’s a real sense of panic among parents. It feels to many that this is beyond their purview. . . . [But] kids are not going to leave Facebook, and Facebook in and of itself is not the problem.” Education prof Wanda Cassidy said research shows online bullying is a growing problem.”

Original Story: Take Back Facebook, Mom Urges. By Glenda Luymes. The Province, Vancouver, BC: October 15, 2010. pg. A.3

September 2010 - On the Coast from CBC Radio: Controversy on Alled Gang Rape in Pit Meadows

Speaking on the use of internet by youth in the wake of a gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl at a rave in Pitt Meadows, Stuart Poyntz did an eight-minute stint on "On the Coast" show from CBC Radio, and was also interviewed by the Globe and Mail.

Original Story: After Alleged Gang Rape, Teen's Parent 'a Ball of Rage'. By Rod Mickleburgh and Wendy Stueck. The Globe and Mail, Toronto, ON: September 18, 2010, pg. A.12.

May 2009 - Ottawa Citizen Editorial: Kids and Branding

The Ottawa Citizen explored how companies recruit children as online "agents" in developing programs to market products to kids. Stuart Poyntz was quoted: "Advertisers and broadcasters are approaching children as participants in cultural production and not as audiences. 
Participation has been turned into a commercially enhancing opportunity. Kids are advertising and expanding brands for fun.”

Original Story: It Slices, it Dices … it Markets to Kids: Academic Raises Questions about Kids and Branding. By Joanne Laucius. The Ottawa Citizen. Ottawa, ON: May 23, 2009. pg. B.3